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  • Automate Rent Payments: How do I collect rent online?
    Answer: You must enter your unit address, rent, tenant and deposit account information. iManageRent verifies your deposit account (a 3 to 4 day process) and invites ...
  • List Your Rental Property: How do I receive my leads?
    Answer: You decide how. You may receive phone calls or emails to your individual mail account. iManageRent keeps a copy in your inquiry manager tab. ...
  • Automate Rent Payments: How do I set up my deposit account?
    Answer: We require a scan/picture of your voided check with your account information clearly visible in a JPEG, GIF, PNG and PDF format. Please note we ...
  • Automate Rent Payments: Can I set up more than one bank account to accept rent?
    Answer: Yes. You can add more than one deposit account to your profile. Please note deposit accounts are assigned at unit level. ...
  • Automate Rent Payments: How long does it take to receive my rent payment?
    Answer: Tenants can pay rent either via Credit/Debit card or ACH. For Credit/Debit card payments funds are typically deposited into the recipients account the next business ...
  • Automate Rent Payments: How can I find out when rent gets paid?
    Answer: iManageRent notifies you via email each time a tenant schedules payment and when funds successfully are deposited into your account. You can view all scheduled, ...
  • My company website: How do I benefit from website integration?
    Answer: 1) You can manage (post/edit/delete) your vacancies onto your website without the help of a computer programmer and at the same time promote your listing ...
  • My company website: How do I setup website integration?
    Answer: It is very simple and requires minimal skills. We will supply your developer with instructions to add a few lines of code to your website ...
  • My company website: How do I get started with website integration?
    Answer: If you don’t have an iManageRent account, please, create one by signing up. If you already have an account, access “My Website” integration service by ...
  • My company website: What functionalities do you bring to my website?
    Answer: 1) Display, edit and delete rental vacancies in list and detailed view formats. 2) The ability to offer and capture prospective tenants’ Lease Applications, including credit ...

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