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Estimate market rent

Receive detailed market trend data based on your address
to make confident real estate decisions and eliminate
guess work.

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Create professional listings and advertise your rental property on:

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I can be hands on with my
tenants and run two dental
practices at the same time.
Learn more about Sassan
Sassan, Cosmetic Dentist
Renting his single family home
Favorite feature: Ability to list on Craigslist, Trulia Zillow, Lovely, Facebook and tweet.

Select The right tenant

With easy to understand background reports and
recommendations, confidently select a tenant
and stop wondering about what you didn’t know.

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Automatic lease recommendations take
the guess work out of selecting tenants.

Collect rent online

Automate rent & late fee invoicing and have funds deposited directly into your bank account.

Automate rent collection now!
Road trips are more fun when you don’t
have to worry about checking the mail.
Learn more about Jim
Jim, Statistician (Retired)
Renting his single family home & adding 5 units
Favorite feature: System takes care of due dates, rent payments and late fees.

Increase rent automatically

Rents will be adjusted and tenants notified.
Don't miss a beat out of your daily life.

Automate rent increases now!
When I don't have to worry about tedious
tasks, family time becomes family time.
Learn more about Marvin
Marvin, Real Estate Enthusiast
Started with one five unit building and now has seven properties.
Favorite feature: San Francisco rent control rules for rent increase percentages and tenant notices are built in.

Security Deposit Accounting

Managing tasks such invoicing, collecting online, accruing interest
(if required), etc... made easy. Stay compliant automatically!

Calculate interest now!
Peace of mind on the rentals is priceless
when you are juggling a million things.
Learn more about Jacky
Jacky, Office Manager (Tecta Architects)
Renting the principal's 4 properties
Favorite feature: Automated interest on deposit and rent board fee calculations (San Francisco rent control).

Find your next home

Search thousands of listings,
apply to and pay rent online from one place.


become the best candidate

Send complete lease application, including credit and
background reports to your next landlord securely online.

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Pay rent online

Setup automatic monthly rent payments and never
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Pay rent online. It's FREE for renters
End to end Property management Transform your business to be more efficient
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My website Display rental listings, receive lease applications
and collect security deposit on your website.
White label solution Offer property management productivity tools
or a comprehensive end to end solution,
branded as part of your services.
Agent/broker referral program Enhanced your working relationship with property
owners and earn extra income.
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Collect Rent Online
Automate rent invoicing & late fee accouting and have tenants make payment directly into your account:
Enter your rental property
Input and invite
Input lease parameters
& start rent invoicing
Designate deposit account
& start collecting rent

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Automate rent collection now!
benefit by
Saving time
Increasing reliability
Improving relationships
Simplifing your life
Collect Rent Online
Save Time

“Collect Rent online” and have it deposit directly into your bank account. Hours spent tracking and cashing those checks are now yours to enjoy.

Increase Reliability

Checks are no longer lost in the mail. Chronic late payers quickly learn and kindly get their ducks in a row.

Improve Relationships

iManageRent manages payments on your behalf without discrimination. The best part is you don’t need to get involved in the routine collection process.

Simplify Your Life

No more tracking down payments and trips to the bank. Keep and access all transaction records for your properties in one secure place.

  • Be notified when a “Rent Payment” has been scheduled and deposited into your bank account.
  • If you’ve ever ignored late payments, our automated system won’t. It sends a reminder notice to tenant with the late fee amount. Receive weekly performance reports.
  • Deposit accounts can be assigned at the unit level.
  • Customize and automate rent, past due noticing and late fee invoicing.
  • ACH Payments are secured through SSL encryption with iManageRent.
  • View account balances and generate aging reports.
  • Allow tenants to enjoy all the efficiencies of automatic payments.
  • Go paperless and become environmentally friendly.

What do I need to "list my rental"?

Your property address, some pictures if you have and your email address.

How can I list my property?

Start by clicking on "List Your Rental property" and follow the quick and easy steps. Click here for demo

What do I need to "list my rental"?

Your property address, some pictures if you have and your email address.

What happens after I enter my rental information?

iManageRent verifies your email and your listing will be published on your selected listing sites.

Is there any cost associated with this service?

It's free! iManageRent offers "free rental listings".

What are the advantages of listing my apartment with iManageRent?

With iManageRent, you can share and publish your listing on, Apartmentlist, Zillow, Trulia and LiveLovely all in one go!

How can I find my listing on a particular site?

From your listing manager, iManageRent provides a link to all your active listings. The same link is available in your listing notifications, which are emailed

Is iManageRent affiliated with any of the other listing sites?

We are not affiliated with any other classifieds aggregators where our listings appear.

How can I add, edit, repost and delete my listing?

If you are listing for the first time, you must choose a password at the last step of your listing process. From there you will

How do I receive my leads?

You decide how. You may receive phone calls or emails to your individual mail account. iManageRent keeps a copy in your inquiry manager tab.

Will prospective tenants see my email address or contact information on the listing?

Prospective tenants will only see the information that you choose to share on your listing. During the listing process, we provide you with the tools

Can I upload photos to my listing? How many?

Yes you can upload up to 15 high-quality images.  

Which format and size I should use to upload my photos?

You can upload JPEG, TIF, PNG, PDF and EPS format. Our system will automatically adjust the size.  

Can I add maps to my listing?

iManageRent automatically includes Google map and street view to your listing. However, each individual syndicated site might alter the display to their listing display defaults.

Can I share my listing on social media?

Yes. iManageRent provides you with the tools to easily share your listing on social media such as FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

What can I do with HTML code?

iManageRent provides the HTML code. You can easily copy and paste the code to publish listing to your desired web page.

What can I do with the QR code?

The QR code allows you and your prospective tenant to scan and view your listing on the go.

Why does my listing appear different on different sites?

Each individual syndicated site might alter the display to their listing display defaults.

When will my listing expire?

Your listing will expire in 7 days after start date. iManageRent will send a reminder to your email address to relist the day before.

What happens to my listing when it expires?

Your listing will be automatically archived for future use.

What's the difference between draft and active modes?

Draft listing is work in progress and active listing is live.

How do I activate my listing from draft?

Choose your desire listing from the draft folder, complete your information, preview and list.

How do I list from archive?

Choose your desired listing from the archive folder, if need be edit and relist.

How can I stop or cancel my listing?

If you have filled your vacancy or for any other reason would like to stop your listing, it can be done in of one of  two

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