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  • List Your Rental Property: How can I find my listing on a particular site?
    Answer: From your listing manager, iManageRent provides a link to all your active listings. The same link is available in your listing notifications, which are emailed ...
  • Automate Rent Collection: How can I find out when rent gets paid?
    Answer: iManageRent notifies you via email each time a tenant schedules payment and when funds successfully are deposited into your account. You can view all scheduled, ...
  • Security Deposit Accounting: What is Rent Board Fee and how does it affect the interest on my security
    Answer: Chapter 37A of the San Francisco Administrative Code allows the City to collect a per-unit fee for each residential dwelling unit that is subject to ...
  • Estimate Market Rent: What do I get in rental market report?
    Answer: The report provides an in-depth comparison of your property and other properties in the area that gives you valuable insight for discerning investment property analysis. ...
  • Estimate Market Rent: How do I handle furnished rentals?
    Answer: Our rental estimate assumes the property is in average condition compared to the condition of unfurnished properties in the radius searched .  We do not ...
  • General: What does iManageRent do?
    Answer: iManageRent is an online property management solution.  Our mission is to provide a complete solution with easy to use tools to manage rentals efficiently and cost effectively, ...

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