Frequently Asked Questions

How can I edit my tenant's email address?

 The initial use of the tenant's email address is for an invitation to be sent on your behalf to your tenant asking them to activate their iManageRent account (this invitation is sent only after you allow it to happen). For system functionality and security reasons, you can edit tenant email addresses only prior to them activating their account, as in the above scenario.

To edit a tenant's email address prior to their account activation due to an error or tenant request, please hover your mouse over the tenant's name from your dashboard, select Edit Tenant, and change email from the "Edit tenant information" page. Once you have saved your edit, the system will prompt you if you want to invite the tenant to activate their account (for visual, please see attached screen shots).

Once a tenant has activated their account, landlords and property managers can no longer edit tenant emails. Only tenants can accomplish this task from their portal under the "My profile" window.  When the tenants update this information, you will receive an email notification. There will be a call to action "Update Change" button in this email which will allow you to synchronize your dashboard with this change.

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